Is there a script for exporting render seqences and passes out of zbrush...

I am working on a fetus growing form week 0 to nine months using layers so the textures animates as well as the geometry along the timeline. My problem is when I create rendered animation using movie menu it doesn’t render out the affects I have applied such as depth que, AO etc; and I can’t find a way to export any pass sequences for compositing. The only way I can find to do it is to render the ani out frame by frame manually then the passes, which is not good when I have over 1000 frames.:cry: This is my first project using zbrush so I could be doing something stupid.
If there isn’t a script could anyone suggest a way of getting around the problem?
Please say some clever coder has come up with a script…</SPAN>

I too need this…

Unfortunately the Timeline is beyond the scope of zscripting - there’s no way to advance by one frame (all that would be necessary). I’m really sorry about this because I’d thought how useful it would be. Sorry. :frowning:

Thanks Marcus