Is Cintiq 24HD Touch really worth it?

Hello all,

I’m thinking of purchasing a Wacom Cintiq graphics tablet, and I was wondering how well does the multi-touch feature work in Zbrush? I was going to buy the 22HD non-touch model, but I was wondering how useful the multi-touch feature would be in the near future (I imagine it would be like sculpting clay with your hands). I’ve heard some people say the multi-touch is more a hindrance than a help and I do not know how well it integrates with Zbrush. Even though the 24HD Touch model’s price has been slashed from its RRP by almost a third on Amazon UK, it’s still going to cost me an arm and a leg, whereas the 22HD will just cost me an arm.

Is the astronomically expensive 24HD Touch really worth getting, especially when the stand cannot rotate like the 22HD and also it has a lower contrast ratio? I also think it might also be a little bit too big and heavy.

What graphics tablets do you use, and if you use any of the ones with multi-touch, please tell me how useful is it, particularly in Zbrush? If it is not useful, will it be useful in the near future?

Thank you.

Were you able to get any helpful info or have you made any decisions on this? I am also curious about the Cintiq Touch models for use with zbrush, and like yourself, I’m wondering if it is worth the extra limb, or if they are even an advantage at all.

Anybody out there with experience on the Cintiq Touch models for use with Zbrush, please share your thoughts.


I haven’t used a Cintiq so I can’t speak to them directly but I do have a Surface Pro which is a multi-touch pen-enabled tablet PC so I can speak to my Zbrush experience with those features which might be useful for you.

Touch capability is, in my opinion, of no use in Zbrush for a few reasons. First, fingers don’t have the precision of a pen tip. Second, touch is not pressure sensitive so you cannot be subtle when sculpting with touch. And finally, my palm tends to touch the screen at inopportune times causing unwanted clicks and strokes on the canvas.

If I didn’t use touch extensively in my general computing tasks I would have disabled it completely. But since I do use touch regularly outside of Zbrush, I instead wear a pair of arthritis gloves (like these: http://www.imakproducts.com/img/products/clips/12_2.jpg) when sculpting to block the touch input.

Well, I bit the bullet and bought one. I found it on a site cheaper than anywhere else, even after paying for the delivery it was still cheaper than on Amazon. I ordered it in the evening, and it arrived the next day, without warning! It was a bit of a shocker. The thing is huge and heavy and required two people to handle it. Had somewhat of a miserable time due to the unexpectedly prompt delivery. So, a word of advice to you all: make sure you know the delivery date, or you might be in for a very unpleasant surprise! At least nobody will be able to steal it without having a thin time… Kind’ve wished I bought the regular 22HD now, but it’s too late. Even without the multi-touch, the 24HD Touch is still technically superior to the regular 24HD.

The cool thing about it is the screen is very high quality, in fact it’s better than my ordinary monitor, which has relegated to the second screen in dual screen mode, and the stand is quite flexible and you can lower the display into your lap. The multi-touch might be useless for Zbrush, but there are other applications that can be used in conjunction with Zbrush that utilize it, such as the new Corel Painter. You also have plenty of room to work with.

But for a while now, I’ve been scared of using the thing due to fear of scratching the screen. Tried to use a screen protector, but that failed miserably. Damn dust particles! I think though I found that wiping the display gently with a microfibre cloth with a light amount of ammonia free screen cleaner, and cleaning the pen occasionally and replacing the pen nib when it wears down should prevent scratching.

But yes, perhaps the 22HD would have been the better option, and the multi-touch feature is not essential. (However, I heard people complain about the grainy screen on the 22HD models). But I have the top of the range graphics tablet now, and it should last me for many years to come.

So to answer my own question, yes it’s worth it if you can find it for a bargain, and you got another person handy to move it. But you’re probably better off getting a 22HD.

Could you tell us where or what site you found yours on?

as already told, the touch feature in zbrush is less then useless (sometimes it is also disturbing, as you can accidentally rotate your onscreen tool by activating the touch feature with the palm of the hand holding the pen when the pen is far from the screen). it is of no use also if you use photoshop, as i never got to make the two fingers gestures to work well (in windows they really dont work, at least up to cs6, in mac i think they work but are always slow and laggish). for quite some time i thought that my touch didn’t work well, until i tried on the corel painter trial and discovered that it’s all adobe’s fault :D.
the only thing imho for which someone should consider the touch worthy, is (also as already said) for the higher quality of the screen, with a 99& adobesrgb gamma and 1 billion color range it makes a huge difference (the only downside is that sometimes you end up seeing better then in a regular monitor, and this leads to images that you feel great when seen with that monitor, but in another one they look less wow :smiley: :smiley: :D)

michaelws: I got mine from Digital Photo Solutions, but I don’t think that will be much use to you since they only deliver in the UK.

k…thanks eply…Appreciate that.

Thanks for the info, folks. I appreciate it. It seems I’ll be looking at the 24" HD without the touch feature— I have’t found a single person who recommends the touch model for z-brush. I’ll be getting set up over the next few weeks and starting a 10 week course on 12/6. Wish me luck, and thanks again.

good luck and enjoy!

I’ve used wacom bamboo fun medium, cintiq 22HD, intuos pro large and intuos pro medium. And upon testing and examination without any doubt I can say you don’t want to go for the 24 because it hasn’t got the rotate feature, and is too heavy and too hard to move around. 22HD it is if you want to go cintiq way. However I don’t like cintiqs at all for 3d, they are good for drawing, and I would recommend a graphics tabled over a cintiq any day, because it’s more intuitive, you get to use a screen resolution for your sculpting and remember 24" is not a screen area but tablet/cintiq dimensions, and you can get any screen you like even use a projector. And with a tablet your hand isn not always across half of your screen as with a cintiq. To my mind a cintiq is a waste of money for 3d sculpting, so is the larger dimension intuos, I recommend medium pro. Remember to your mind the screen is the work area not the area of a cintiq or tablet.

  • Intuos pro Large seems a bit impractical as well, if you have extra large arms, you might want to get that, I’m a regular sized person (183 cm height and proportional arms) and medium pro works and feels natural :slight_smile: And new intuos pro line has touch in all of them, you can turn it off with a push of the button when you don’t need it, I find it handy for browsing the web.

…scratching screen…

POSRUS Antiglare Touch Screen Protector for Wacom Cintiq 24HD Pen Display DTK2400

Hopefully this thread is not dead.
I’m looking at the 22HD Touch too.
Does the touch works well enough to sculpt with the pen and use your finger from your other hand to rotate the tool as you sculpt? If this works it should be an amazing sculpting experience no? No need to tap outside of the tool to rotate. Can I also use pinch to zoom?

Thank you.

Don’t get the touch it’s not worth the extra price. Zbrush doesn’t really implement touch yet.

Thank you.
I just got myself the Cintiq 13HD (I had an intuos 3), took me a few hours to set it up correctly especially the issue in windows where everything is zoomed in on smaller screens, Zbrush’s UI wouldn’t fit on the screen so I kind of freak out but after unchecking that checkbox in display settings everything is perfect. It’s definitely night and day but now I’m wondering if I should have gotten the Companion Hybrid for $200 more… Anyway so far 13" feels pretty good…

Intel announced their 5th gen processor not too long ago and I believe they are released already as I am seeing prices.

I suggest hold back all plans for a art tablet PC. Seems like this one drastically improved the power consumption and thus battery life.

I have been the proud owner of the Samsung ATIV Pro tablet and never left home without it.

Thanks, no wonder why both 16 and 32GB Hybrid tablets are almost $500 off on Wacom’s website and hopefully the new tablet will have Lollipop on it.