Is a navigation mod plug-in possible?

I guess that if it was possible to write a navigation modification plug-in or script for ZBrush it would probably had been done ages ago, but there’s no harm in asking, right? Is it possible? I have the Maya switcher for Max by dRaster and it’s probably the most useful plug-in I’ve ever bought. The right-click navigation in ZB 3.5 is great and all, but wouldn’t it be even better to have true Maya-style alt-button navigation? Especially with GoZ coming up and the whole switcharooney frustrations that will follow in it’s wake…

A Maya/Silo/Mudbox/3D-Coat switcher for ZBrush 3.5 would be da awesomest, thank you very much.

And I’d pay 100 bucks for it without hesitation…

man. i feel for your plight. folks have been asking for these types of navigation methods to be included AS OPTIONS ( !! ) for years. literally. and since the current update without these inclusions continues pixologics response to that request. we can only conclude that their position on the matter is a big : " f__k you ! "

they finally cave just a little and offer a tweaked navigation method but still nothing like what users have been pleading for since forever. i think at this point it must be a running joke for them and they’re just taking the piss

have been thinking the same thing since I’ve bought Zbrush (1.5) but did not dare to ask

Thanks, bartc; I was starting to feel a bit lonely in here…

Is that why almost 300 people has viewed this topic but only one brave soul has dared to reply; because the subject is taboo? Blasphemy? Did I faux pas?

Well here’s even more shamelessness: Could it be that ZBrush is actually hard coded to ignore the middle mouse button? Hm?

The subject isn’t taboo, simply that most people viewing your thread wouldn’t know the answer. And you effectively answered your own question - if it was possible, someone would probably have done it. It’s certainly not possible directly through zscripting. As for ZBrush being hard-coded to ignore the middle mouse button, it is self-evident that ZBrush doesn’t use input from the middle button - but then it is designed to work best with a graphics tablet.

( 3.1 made use of the middle mouse. bringing up the same ’ hotbox ’ as right click and spaceBar. personally. having my tablet setup with the lower pen button as middle mouse made this much quicker to access ( and meant the rest of my windows activities went on with the same tablet configuration ). seems it’s been disabled outright in 3.5. nice work team :+1: )

while marcus would indeed be right ( if anyone would know it’d be him ). that if it were possible with zScripting it would’ve been one of the first plugs written up. still doesn’t answer the question as to why pixologic has BLATANTLY ignored users on this simple request for all these years

Thank you for you reply, marcus_civis.

My Wacom pen has both RMB and MMB, though, and I find them both to come in very handy in other apps that are designed to work best with a graphics tablet.

If that was possible it would be a huge step and would make a lot of people happy.

3D mouse users..i am one of them and waiting for space navigator support since it is a cheap and comfortable way to navigate around your model with a single hand...i use that a lot on a daily basis in 3d studio max and beleive me i could never go back to the traditional navigation style maya max xsi ... and the list goes on I don't think that it would be so hard to implement a kind of "customize navigation" option within zbrush but i'm not a coder

This alone has made Zbrush the most aggravating program I’ve ever tried to learn. They came so close with right button nav. It’s still buggy and doesn’t work like it should. And having two forms have navigation active at the same time is less than desirable.

Middle mouse and right mouse buttons have always been an afterthought. For a program so sophisticated to not have these seems unprofessional to me.

I’ve tried simulating different navigation with wacom mappings and autohotkey, but it’s not the same. I’m hoping they address this with the Zbrush 4.

Zbrushes movements are designed for tablet users… that’s why it’s interface is designed for a one-click-for-all method.

I think that the best you can do is to get used to both interfaces, and to all the interfaces of the softwares you use… sometimes might be a litte funny to try a pan inside maya with the spacebar after using photoshop, or to try a mmb pan inside photoshop after using maya…

Though i usually jump from zbrush to maya and back again… and the creative flow doesn’t stop even when I leave the stylus and grab the mouse.

i think they’ve left it so long now that they fear a collective ’ i told you so ’ from the community. i mean. what kind of crap is this ’ new alternative navigation system ’ oh sweet ! you mean one like the world has been asking for for the last 5 years ?

nah. some other one we just threw together


the absolute bottom line is : would finally adding the OPTION of opening the navigation system to full customisation make zbrush a better. more accessible. workflowcentric app ?

a resounding. YES

I think it’s possible to get Maya navigation in Zbrush: http://ZSwitcher.com


wow, that actually works perfectly (30day evaluation). Even LMB + MMB for Zoom is supported. 68 bucks for commercial license seems rather steep though. But I guess if you can’t live with the current navigation, you’ll be harassing the company accountant till he folds :slight_smile:

Yes campi you are right.
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I think the UI issue is just moot as it won’t likely change. I used to be 1 of the people that thought the UI was ridiculous- fast forward, I took some time, learned the ui which didn’t take very long, and now think it makes perfect sense.

yep. but i think they should do what is more practical, and by sending bugs or reports, will help them determine what should be done in order for the users to feel comfortable with every release. just my 2 cents.