IronSpider man

i came across a few images a while back of the iron spider man costume in the avengers comics and thought id try making my own based more on the iron man armor. let me know what you think of what i have so far.
Mock Up

rough model







I love the center chest piece, cant wait to see it finished

nice finish him and show us :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Looking good! I really love the front. And that detail @_@ <3

yay for time to do nothing. got a little more work in on the model and played with color. let me know what you think.

I am a huge fan of Spiderman… throw IronMan in that… and OH YEAH!!! With that said, the chest design, is a little… jarring. Hard to put my finger on why, just that it is. Kind of takes away from the overall piece. I mean no disrespect, just my 2 cents worth. Really like the whole concept, nice work.

Have a blessed day,

Very cool concept :slight_smile:
Ill keep an eye on this thread.

holy crap that is totally astonishing, really outstanding concept of the spiderman suit.:+1:
I am totally looking forward seeing your end result, I bet it’ll be amazing!:+1:
Keep it going and have fun sculpting!

  • Kenny:)

Here is the latest on the suit. using a old model of ironman head for the time being but thinking of a way to have the armor read more like spidermans mask. still need to do his legs back butt and tripod spider legs. let me know what you think.

Excellent !!, man this is an awesome take on spidy… looks sweet!.. im not sure he needs those extra legs on the back tho… kinda makes him look more like Doc Oc, but thats just me. tho i do vaguely remember spidy goin mutant style in the cartoon years ago. hmm anyway cant wait to see more man, as i said… EXCELLENT!