Ironman _ Mark L, Nanosuit armor

Hello everyone, this is BH3D coming to you another day, showing another
3D modeling
Today, we are here to show you the 3D sculpting of Iron man!

Ironman Mark L, Nanosuit armor

3D modeling

Ironman is a superhero from marvel universe, from marvel comics.
His real name is tony stark, a super-smart billionaire inventor. He built a powerful suit of armor that gives him super strength, the ability to fly, and lots of cool weapons. Iron Man is part of the Avengers team and fights bad guys to keep the world safe.

As we build this cool tech of armor, we focus on the details of the armor!
Mark L Iron man armor, is the armor built after the hulk buster armor.
the nanotech details, smooth and slim, the arc reactor where it is triangle shaped, and the armor details with the lines, and shape!

360 View of the model!

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