Iron Cross

The Olympics inspired me to do this work.

Like a small tribute to all the amazing athletes that participate in the games.

The Iron Cross from the gymnastic rings seems one of the most simbolic images I could pick to represent the extreme sacrifice athletes have to make in order to achieve a semi god condition among us simple mortals.

I never get tired of saying this but Zbrush is amazing and always improving. The new features of 4R4 not only introduce new tools but make previous ones even more valuable.

Thanks Pixologic!

All Zbrush and final touch in Photoshop.

Hope you like it.

cc’s are more than welcome.





I like this piece very much, nice work! Good choice of lighting and such for the pic. The only thing
I might possibly change is to make his waist slightly narrower. Very nice!

Thanks Zambash.

Here are some other BPR wips I did during the process.

impressive model!