Invictus Designs Artworks for 'La Noria of Carlos Baena'

La Noria is an animated short film directed by filmmaker/animator Carlos Baena and produced as an online collaboration with artists from around the world.

Carlos Baena one of the best animators in the world (pixar, ilm, paramount, etc…) and founder of animation mentor.

I would like to share with you a little video of some of the works i created for this incredible awesome shortfilm, some pieces creted digitally, other traditionally.

Zbrush was really important in the creation of 3 promotional statues. Now you can buy them in the crowdfounding project.

The renders of the statues was made using the fantastic Keyshot (including the animations of my video)

Click here to see the video of the invictus artwork

This is the link to the trailer of ‘La Noria’

And this last one if the video that explain all the creation process of the entire world of ‘La Noria’

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Thanks for viewing

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Victor Marin
Invictus Designs






i’m really exited about this movie.
the art you guys have done for this movie looks really cool. good job.


It’s been a pleasure to have you on board, Victor! You did a fantastic job on these sculptures!

Very nice! Interesting to see how the work is being developed by a team all over the world.

rasmusW: was a great project with lot of really impressive artists from around the globe =) they made a really awesome teaser

SuperHer0: many thanks my dear friend, was a really honor… you guys made a great great piece of art =) PS: Your works is exquisite mate =)

LynneMitchell: Totally… was a titanic task… carlos and sasha was infinite passion and patience



Happy to see finally the pieces I digitally sculpted for La Noria Film of Carlos Baena. Wonderful 3D Printing, Mold and Cast by Andrea Blasich.


Asome work, maybe you can comment, what technology for molding/casting was used? What products?