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Hello my friends. I returned.

It just so happened that I left 3D modeling and sculpting for a long time. Back in 2009, I got acquainted with Unity3D and switched to programming. Since 2011, I have hardly touched the creation of 3D, just a little to pamper or for personal needs.

But it’s time for me to go back and start modeling. How did it happen? I decided to make my own project (game). I do it myself, alone. I am engaged in both programming and graphics. I have to remember a lot and learn new things in sculpting. I am very glad that my favorite ZBrush has been developing and growing all this time.

I started to create one of the characters in my game. This is a minor character. His name is Steve Henry Crow (Cursor) 39 years old. I created a high-poly model for him and recorded the whole process on video. I want to share my work with you.

I put him in interesting poses using Mixamo.

Well, a bit of fun.

The whole process was recorded on video from the first polygon to the last. Everything is recorded, both good luck and bad luck, experiments and creative search. I will post all this on my YouTube channel in 12 parts, 2 videos a week. If you are interested, then subscribe to my channel. I will also publish all updates in this thread.

The next step is to make a low-poly model and insert it into the game engine. All this, as far as possible, I will record and share it. Besides, this is not the last character. At the first stage, I will need 3 characters and 4 locations.

And these are already released videos. Enjoy watching.

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Cool!! Look forward to seeing this develop!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star:!!

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Thank. Glad to see you’re still here. I will try to bring the project to completion.

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I posted a new video on the YouTube channel. Enjoy watching.

Day four. Experiments with hair.

In this video, I create the hands of a character. One hand is organic and the other cybernetic.

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This is an awesome series! Thanks for sharing - excited to see your game !

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