Introducing the Interview Archive


Remember some of those really great old (dare we say, Classic) interviews that Pixologic has done with various artists and studios over the years? Like when Kris Costa won the Master & Servant Challenge? Or when ILM talked about Davey Jones and crew from “Pirates of the Caribbean” II & III? Or how about even way back when we learned that the amazing "monstermaker" was none other than six-time Academy Award winner, Rick Baker?


We know some of you remember, because you’ve asked what happened to those interviews. Over the various server and site improvements that we’ve made at www.pixologic.com, the interviews of the past kind of got edged out in favor of other things.

They’re Back!

You spoke, and we listened. Our webmaster has lovingly restored all of these great discussions on ZBrush use, and even put them in a new format that makes them easy to navigate. We hope you enjoy the new archive!

Click Here for the Archive

Please feel free to post in this thread your comments on the various interviews – and especially to thank the various artists and companies for their generosity in sharing so much great info with the community!

Please note that this archive is only the interviews that were hosted on the Pixologic website. In addition to them, there are many more interviews that have been done here at ZBC and can be found in the ZBrush Artist Interviews forum. Happy Reading!





y isnt alex oliver in the archive…

Alex’s interview is in the ZBrush Artist Interviews forum, here at ZBC. It’s always been here – along with about 40 more! :slight_smile:

The archive is of those interviews that had been hosted at the Pixologic website, before we started doing interviews here at ZBC.

thank u sir for repling…and now i understand…
real fan of alex sir…

sorry to bother u…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no, actually I wanted to go to bed but now I can´t! :slight_smile:
That´s so cool! Many thanks! Can´t wait to start reading.

Yay, I had been looking for some of these from time to time.

Hehe, I like all the placeholder cards that got left in the Geoff Campbell interview. “Shot of pirates and fadeout” :slight_smile:

Thanks for rounding these up, guys.


thanks had not read some of these before.
would it not be less confusing to just append this into the artist interview thread?

Very nice, Thanks!

Excellent! This will be a great p-lace for wonderful inspirations!

Hey, any chance to get interview with a big Jean-Sebastien Rolhion? I’m interested about him. I just found old X4Artist interview, but site is dead http://www.x4artists.com/interviews/striker.php. Did anybody archive this one?

:evil: :idea: :cry: :lol:

im always quiet intrested in what the professionals think - thx!