Interview: Zack Petroc

It’s been six years since we last interviewed the highly talented ZBrush enthusiast, [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Zack Petroc. We decided it was time to catch up with him again, and today Pixologic is pleased to bring you an interview that covers how this artist’s career has evolved alongside ZBrush!

Happy reading. :slight_smile:


Some Images From the Interview:

Many thanks to Zack for taking the time to speak with us! Please feel free to share your thoughts
and comments in this thread!

Be sure to also check out our many past interviews, which can be found in the
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I want to get up at 5am now too! Great interview. Hope to take Zack’s masterclasses some day.


Very inspiring interview by one of the best in the industry!

Yet another fine interview full of inspirations! Thank you so much!

Nice interview! great artist! thanks for sharing… keep it up Zack!

inspirations! Thank you so much

Thanks ZbrushCentral and Zack for the great interview. Reading this in my position as a beginner/student in this great industry is really motivating and inspiring! It is always great to learn and get experience from such amazing artist like Zack Petroc!
Definently keep on going, your work was always a great motivation!
All the best,

  • Kenny:)

His style is amazing.

Zack is one of the great ones good stuff.

Amazing work Zack.

I found it still hard to recreate what is done by you in your tutorials even after all this time passed in Zb.


great job zack. love your work :lol:

Superb work man… xtra ordinary

your art always been inspiring to me, i admire your work :+1:

Great interview Zack. All the new work looks insanely cool!

Very inspirational! Definitely want to be that serious artist!

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Zack on Friday April 13th. He is as charismatic and funny as he is talented! It was an experience I shall never forget nor ever stop appreciating the enjoyment that is Zack Petroc!!

Thanks for the kind words. It was great to sit down with the Pixologic team to do the interview. Hopefully I’ll have more to share in the near future.

great Interview As Always!you and Iain McCaig are my 2 of all time Inspiration!thanks again:)

Love it, very stylized.