Interview: Image Engine (Immortals and The Thing)


Two interviews for the price of one!

Image Engine had two major productions come out last year (more recently to DVD) and we thought it would be especially interesting to put them side by side for you because they show two radically different ways of using ZBrush.

For Immortals, they used ZBrush to sculpt an absolutely insane number of polygons for the epic environments that were used in the film. On the other hand, The Thing used ZBrush for “horrifically beautiful” organic work.

Both interviews show a truly impressive amount of work and dedication by the artists at Image Engine, as well as great examples of movie-making problem solving.

We hope you enjoy them!


Some Images From the Interview:

Many thanks to Gustavo Yamin and Marco Menco for their time and efforts in bringing this interview to you. We also wish to give a big thank you to Image Engine for their support! Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments concerning their artwork in this thread!

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Thank you for the interview.
The Thing was one of my all time favourite movies (John Carpenter’s), looks awesome on ZBrush, it’s a shame the movie was… well… average.

cool interview, I enjoyed “the thing”. Does anyone know if it was a UV based workflow? or ptex?

Really informative. Thanks a lot =)

I’m sad to say the way you’ve started putting these interviews in iframes on the forum have made me stop reading them. Having scrolling frames inside scrolling frames is very, very bad and annoying web-design.

Who was responsible for replacing the original ONE splited creature by TWO guys merged? i hate it…

how do you do?

You may also read it without frames on the Pixologic website. Click here.

Thx for the interview and zbrush refs… its great…

Does anybody has infos on how the “transparent digested body”


Its so impressive, I would really like to know how and who made it, if its CG or a real prop…

Double Awesomeness here! Thank you for the great interviews!

Hey Seb that was CGI, a mix of 3d and 2d projections.

Thanks Pixologic for releasing the interview :slight_smile:

Thanks for the cool and informative interview.

I have a question about the turntables. Where the ones with colour and specular info Zb turntables? If yes, how can you key the light to move?



No, those are turntables from the look development and we used 3Delight.
We used Zbrush for the concept models.

Drummer, shame. I think it could be very useful to be able to key lights in Zbrush as it really highlights the forms of the sculpt.

Thanks for your reply and thanks again for the interview. It has inspired me and got my brain ticking over.


Great stuff, thanx for taking the time to do this guys :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

As good a job they did with the CG in the 2011 THING, after seeing the demo reel for the original practical fx in the 2011 THING, the CG doesn’t hold a candle to it.

your work on “the thing”, looks fantastic, marco.
now i just need to either push my wife outta the living room or convince her to watch it with me.


Gerrreat interview ! :slight_smile:

I really liked the Thing. I hadn’t seen the first Thing movie beforehand as it was made before I was born, by about 14 years. I made sure to borrow it as soon as possible after watching the new version. I think they did a great job of continuity, I could watch the new version and then the original and they blended perfectly in my opinion.

Nice interview and a lot of enjoying.