Interview: Framestore (Coca-Cola "Siege")


Most of the time when watching TV we tend to tune out during the commercials or even go do something else around the house until the program returns. Not so with the Super Bowl! This annual event charges the highest prices on U.S. TV for commercial slots and so advertisers always try to come up with something really special to grab audience attention and make that investment pay off. The result is that some people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials rather than the game!

One of this year’s stand-out entries came from Coca-Cola in the form of an epic animated fantasy battle – with an unexpected conclusion. This highly memorable commercial was created in CG by Framestore under the production of Nexus. While it may have taken some a while to actually make this interview happen, we’re sure you’ll agree it was wroth the wait! The artists at Framestore really went all out, providing us with an unprecedented number of turntables for your viewing pleasure and even a behind the scenes “making of” movie!

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Many thanks to Christopher Brandstrom, Mary Swinnerton and Grant Walker for their exceptional efforts in bringing this interview to light! Thank you also to Framestore and Coca-Cola! We encourage the community to discuss the interview here in this thread.

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Probs for a nice interview :smiley:
And awesome commercial!!

This is one of the best commercias i’ve seen. I was astonished by the matte paintings! I’m impressed by the way coca-cola reached to us this time. Great Tv ad.

What a great achievement! Thanks for the interview and the breakdown clip.

holy crap! I may burn all my software onto a disk just so I can break the CD,

That was an excellent interview. I really admire the work that was put into this commercial. The making of was insightful and inspiring. thank you for sharing this with the community.

absoloutely luvly…

shame its for such a disgusting beverage.

This video was awesome, the making of was a real treat :slight_smile:

Wow, this is brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

thx for the making of …really great work!

Thanks for the interview. These guys are rock stars, and great to see how much they share of their techniques and time to educate young artists.

Thanks for the interview… really great stuff!!