Interview: Dragon Age Origins


Electronic Arts has set a pretty high bar for the interviews that they’ve done with us. So far we’ve been able to speak with the art teams and share really great artwork from Mass Effect 2 and Army of Two. Today we are pleased to bring you a new installment – this time dedicated to one of the top RPG titles of all time: the award-winning Dragon Age: Origins!

Released in December of 2009, DA:O is a dark fantasy RPG created by BioWare as the spiritual successor to their famous Baldur’s Gate series. By creating their own world and rules system for the game, BioWare was able to break entirely new ground. Part of this meant a distinctive art style, a huge cast, and many diverse creatures.

While many of our past interviews have included high resolution images for your viewing pleasure, the team at BioWare wanted to go one better. They’ve also provided two spectacular animations that you won’t see anyplace else!


Here are a few of the MANY images that are found in the interview. Find them there so that you can see them full size!

[attach=221301]The Architect[/attach]

Many thanks to Shane and his team for taking the time to share so much with us about their work on DA:O! Pixologic would also like to extend a big thank you to Electronic Arts for granting permission!

Use this thread to discuss EA’s Dragon Age: Origins artwork. Give the artists your encouragement, too; they’re already hinting that they’d like to give us a follow-up when Dragon Age 2 releases in March!

Be sure to also check out our many past interviews, which can be found in the ZBrush Artist Interviews forum and the User Stories page at the Pixologic website.






Absolutely incredible, inspiring work! Well deserved Top Row topic and images.

:+1: :+1:

It’s always great to see what you guys are doing.
Makes me proud of working at BioWare.

Thanks for sharing everybody and thanks pixologic for the interview!

Awesome stuff!!

Great interview, lots of information, Thanks for sharing…

great interview

Best interview yet. The tips page was particularly awesome.

The team mentioned releasing their facial morphing system to the public.

Such generosity makes one feel like a greedy Pride Demon. How 'bout also releasing the Zbrush matcaps, and alphas used by the artists in the zbrush alpha and matcap repository, please. :cool:

Also, Thanks for the animations. The harvester is the most disgusting, self-mutilating miscreant with irritable bowel syndrome ever.

Genuinely brilliant team and individual artwork.

Haven’t had one of these in a while. Awesome stuff. :+1:

I love the fact that even the guys with the jobs that we want also look to thiscommunity for answers to problems they encounter. As well as share some of the knowledge and techniques they use. Thank you.

Fantastic… :slight_smile:

bloody -bloody- hell… thanks… I’m devastated…

  • WHAT tip page???

Thanks for the great insight. i just had my monster dose by looking at Pride Demon :cool:

WoW! Fantastic interview. Very interesting.

Thanks ZBC and congrats to the team at BioWARE. :cool:

…oh and lurrved the Harvester creature, super cool design and animation set!

Great interview, Thanks for sharing this…
I love this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool interview. Thanks for the tips and the tricks! But I think those creatures really show deficit of originality that is a world phenomena for over a decade now in the games industry, they’re just every single monster seen for a zilloin times, just that here they were dismembered, shuffled and put back together again :slight_smile: Modeling is great, but the concept artists get a bad grade.

Brilliant interview and great info…thank you very much.

Oh! My God :roll_eyes: You guys are Killer man. Great work and lot of Inspiration. My favorite is Harvester. :+1: :+1:

wow, the animations and the character work really make those concepts come to life! congrats guys, reall well done!:cool: :cool:

Thanks for the great interview! :slight_smile:
The guys from BioWARE have done an awesome job.
All the models are brillant. The design of the Architect is very unique and
the Harvester is incredibly disgusting. Ugh! :smiley:
Great work everyone!

Very nice interview! and great work. Thanks for sharing all of this with us.

(Loved the game too.)