Interested in a used Zbrush license!

hHi Zbrush users who are selling their license! Im very interested in buying used Zbrush license. I heard its legal and that Pixologic supports it even. The most I can give is 265 dollars, and I would be really happy if this could happen because I m very against torrents, and I found r5 on ebay but the guy bailed yesterday. So, in short words, I want to get my hands on it. If you guys know any other sites I could ask where there is such a chance let me know. As long as it is Zbrush 4 because I saw that upgrade to r7 is free. Is that correct? Ok, guys, thanks alot and let me know…


To sell ZBrush would require an official license transfer, which is probably what you heard about. Unfortunately, this service was discontinued last year, as noted here:

If your budget is tight, and still learning, consider ZBrushCore to start with. If you don’t have a tablet yet, the new Intuos 3D for $199 comes bundled with Core. Though, I would double check if you can upgrade from Core to the full version, if you ever decide you need it.

If you buy the full version, you will also get 4r8 for free when it is released. The next update will likely be ZBrush 5, which will most certainly not be free.

Also, there’s a decent length trial that should let you learn the full version at no cost.