Intel i9 12900kF or amd ryzen 9 5950X for best sculpting experience in zbrush?

hi there!
I’m trying to build a new PC for my work with Zbrush, and I have been searching a lot to find a good answer to " what is the best CPU currently for Zbrush" in terms of sculpting high poly meshes with the least latency and smoother experience
I know Zbrush likes more core counts which ryzen 5950x is in the lead for that (beside threadrippers) but on the other hand, intel i9 12th gens and ddr5 memories are faster
I’m confused about what build should i go with intel 19 12th gen or ryzen 9 5950x?
I would really appreciate any help on this

Hello @oreki_dono ,

Maxon staff can’t take a position on what CPU you should buy. Both of the CPUs described would probably perform well with ZBrush with not much meaningful difference.

However, don’t just factor core count into the equation. ZBrush is a demanding application that can stress your CPU for extended periods of time. A device that can run ZBrush well is not necessarily one with the most powerful CPU, but one with sufficient cooling that can run whatever CPU it has near maximum output without heating issues or performance throttling. It doesn’t matter if you put the most powerful CPU you can buy in a device if that device cannot sustain the operation of the CPU under heavy load.

So be sure to pay attention to that in performance reviews and benchmarks for devices and components. If heat issues are mentioned this is something that should not be ignored.

Good luck!


i see, thank you for the reply! i guess I know which would be better for my setup now.