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Great job man. I really like your latest work. Keep going buddy :slight_smile:

Amazing work, Bravo! :smiley:

Beautiful, I love it. you rox man :+1:

congratz, looking good!!! keep it up!

Wow!You just blew me out of my chair with this work.Great sculpt.You move molecules!

Amazing work , it is flawless.
I wonder how long it takes you to make it ?

Hey you made it Sunny … First post … Top row :wink:

when I grow up, I’m gonna be just like you!!!

Great work. Two easily fixed criticisms. One, the human skull on his necklace is too small, maybe put a correctly sized one somewhere else in the scene, like from his belt. Two, the right leg inner-quad muscle is slid too far down on the side of his leg.

Five stars!

First class sculpting here! I’d love to see this rendered in color!

Speechless! Amazing sculpting, what a lovely piece of art!!!
Top Row well deserved!!

I feel like crying, lol. Amazing!

Great stuff

Good stuff!

Best regards,

Great Stuff

I can´t belive the amount of objects you got in there. Nice rendering too.
Great Work!

…inside Hyperion by Dan Simmons like this! :wink:


Absolutely stunning work man! I wouldn’t listen to the few that are saying that this or that is wrong or too clean.
As a creator illustrator sculptor, you have a style which is your own, personal and are free to interpret and represent things as YOU see fit… I for one ABSOLUTELY LOVE the clean treatment of the alien, even if it wasn’t like this in the movie, who is really to say ‘this is lifelike’ or ‘that jaw-line isn’t true to life’… HELLO??? THIS IS SCI-FI… do it as you will… and YOU Sir, are DOING IT GREAT!!!

Kudos on your technique and polish.


Freaking AMAZING!