Hey what’s up guys I had a day off and
just started sculpting something other than monsters :grin: I thought it’d be fun to try :wink: So here is a stereotype Iranian instagramer hope you like it … and no worries I’m working on my new monster soon to be shared :grin: :facepunch: :smiling_imp:


Good try @azinjanati, nice to see varierty :wink: although I’m fond of your monsters, especially the last one “Mansect” :star_struck:

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Thanks Jaime :heart_eyes: I like my monsters better too :heart_eyes: it feels really good to see you and quite a few others in the community like them :+1: yeah man this mansect was the first one I was satisfied with. I try it gets better every time :+1: :heart: have a nice one :v:

nice and also funnt.

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thanks dude :kissing_heart: :grin: