Inside the Head of an Artist

Fun self portrait project about what an artist have in mind.

That’s the size of my brain, a nut. A friend told me that I was generous.

Some problems are unsolvable inside our heads.

What can I say? I’m a simple man with ordinary thoughts.

I wish I had more time to play these days. Adulthood has many responsibilities. The best game I ever played was Shadow of the Colossus. What was yours?

I love Tv shows! My top 3 is Breaking bad, True Detectives (minus season 02 because it sucks) and Fargo. Biggest disappointment this year was last season of GoT and the biggest surprise was The Boys! What about you?

Sometimes you just run out of ideas…

Thank you.


Interesting design ideas @Giovanikc. Have you thought giving each head a slightly different grin or emotion?

I enjoy the idea and how you executed a diffrent kind of self portrait. Being a simple man myself, guess which one I like most :wink:

I think my head would be represented by an emaciated gerbil collapsed on a running wheel.

Very fun concept!

So sweet idea… I have same things in mind too. :slight_smile:
Aboud videogames, I can say the same as well, but!
While Shadow of Colossus was the one of the greatest games I played, and I had the pleasure to playing with my girlfriend, which made our relationship strong in the beginning, I have to say Half Life 2 is the only one and best game I ever played. Ever.

I appreciate the feedback guys!

@jaime yes I have but I’m always on that mood hahaha

@thedust good choice! I never played HL2 but I heard only good opinions about it.

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