Insects challenge- are they fictional or absolutely real

I was just Zbrushing around and wanted to start learning the ways of Zspheres when I stumped on creating this specific fellow. It`s quite fictional and one of my first things created. It might look a bit odd or strange for someone with a pro-eye but I tried my best.

Feel free to accept this challenge I propose- create a good-looking insect and post a pic of it here. There are no time limits and I hope that many will try their hands on creating some 6-legged creatures.




here u are, one of the bugs i made last year, zspheres model is at my praying mantis thread. (Lightwave FPrime render)


Silverleaf - great idea for a challenge. I will certainly try to model something for it. I did a very bad looking spider (I know, not an insect) a few years ago in 1.55b, but I take it the challenge is for new entries (???).

One suggestion: put the word Challenge in the title of your thread. More people will know what it’s about and check in.

Great looking scorpid you have there abraXas. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice I surely will follow it. And every kind of insect will do, except spider-kind of course. Keep them coming.

This is kind of an insect or something like that i made i zbrush .
i hope you like it




Hi all…

A quick model of a funnel-web spider I did tonight. I know… it’s an arachnid and not an insect but I thought I would post some links anyway. I’ll try and model an insect tomorrow night.


It’s my 2nd time using zspheres. Love them!





Here’s one that’s not terribly true to life. In fact, I’m not sure what it is. Sort of halfway between a fly and a butterfly, I think. Just for kicks I used the new eye brush for the eye shape.


Cool thread, i love that butterfly fly thingy, the eyes are hilarious. Nathan W Jones - Im sure submitting a spider is ok even tho arachnid, most people think they are insects anyways, awesome job. Dane1 - pretty cool, love the look :), abraXas - i love the texturing :slight_smile:

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