Ink Riders

Both subjects are great passions of mine. Art and surfing.
With that idea in mind I’ve created the “Ink Riders”. Hope you enjoy. :cool:



Fantastic illustration Dddavila, I really like the mix of colors between the sky (sand?) and the sea, as well as the style of the characters as well!
More like that! :slight_smile:

Very cool design. Was this all ZBrush, including the render?

Thanks Totyo!

Yes! That’s a very enjoyable illustration.
Would lovely fit on my office wall :wink:

WOW… man i like this idea… would be awesum animated

Such a fascinating composition and colors!

wish there was a breakdown, looks splendid!:wink:

nice! how did you do the ink effect ?

wow, this is sweet !!!

Thank you guys! Walterlow I did the ink texturing painting by hand on PS.

nice concept…inspirng
love the mood