Infographic on hacking low-poly market, VR trends and pricing practices

Hey guys,
Today we published an infographic about low polygon 3D models on cgtrader.com, which can be accessed here:

It also has an accompanying white paper with additional comments and in-depth insights.
With the growing industry interest in virtual reality both in terms of content and hardware news, CGTrader has looked at our own data regarding the performance of game-ready, or low-poly, 3D assets. For example, our insights tell that:

  • The number of VR users will grow 8 times in 2016.
  • Game-ready models sell 4.9 times better than simple CG.
  • Different categories have varying average prices from military being the most expensive (~80 USD) to industrial selling below 20 USD on average.

These and more insights are hiding behind the link.

Eddy, CGTrader