Inflate Pirate

Hi Guys, i made this Pirate trying to look like an inflate character, I hope you like it!

Any comments, critics or advice are most welcome.

thank, D.

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Imagining an epic sword fight with that balloon sword is so entertaining! lol nice sculpt! :slight_smile:

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Well done! @cuatrod in-deed, looks like an inflatable :+1:

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Awesome! I would love to see this character in Macy´s Parade one day. Congrats!

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@Pixo_Daisuke hahaha, that the reason he has his metal hook, thank you!

@jaime thank you so much!

@cheli_sanjuan that will be cool thanks!

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Love this! Really original, cute and full of personality. Great work!

@Brodie3D thank you glad you like it!

Nice one @cuatrod!! :clap::+1:

beautiful work:clap::clap::clap::clap:

@nilbertoTawata thank you!

@komododragon Thank you!

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That’s really inspiring project here!!!
good job @cuatrod
keep posting!

@Aspa_Rodriguez thank you!

beautiful model.
love it

@benixel thank you so much, happy you like it!

Hi there!
Looks great. Love it!
Regarding seams. Did you create The brush or was a combination of many?

@bardez32 thank you, i used inflat and Dam standard, and that is it, very simple hehe.

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Thank you!
I would definitely try it the way you did.

Dang, I’m jealous of this idea! Well done, really great piece! :balloon::pirate_flag:

@KyleJ39 Thank you so much!