Indian (wip) Nudity

Hello !

Here’s a new character. I want to give an indian look to this character. I need to work much more on shapes and details.

I’ve begun this character with ZB 2 but I will progress with ZB 3 now =)


Some details seem to be too accentuated but it’s because normals are not smoothed.

2 “close-up” but keep in mind this character need a lot of work yet !



And here’s a ZBrush 3 screenshot.

Cheers !






Nice work, Gopher. Hopefully (just a suggestion) you will consider a different type of pedestal for him to finally stand on. The one you are using now doesn’t really fit the theme of the character. Maybe standing on a bit of rock, like the top of a cliff.

Excellent work. I see great things in the future of this piece. Love all the subtleties of the anatomy.

Fantastic modelling so far! Although it looks like you have mirrored veins.

Thanks a lot ! :wink:

I’ll breake symmetry later

Here’s the progress.

The posing is just a quick test with the transpose tool but of course I won’t keep this posing :wink:






I’ve spent some time without working on this character. But now I can work anew, so I’ve made the posing. Don’t hesitate to crit. because it will be too late later :wink:


I need to make some tweaks on the posing and on the hands

This guy’s looking amazing anatomically, -Gopher - great work :+1:

I’d say as a crit that the top of his abs (where they meet his sternum) could still be softer or more subtle a join,
and his external obliques (above the hips) a little bigger, but otherwise, simply great :slight_smile:


Really nice overall. I like where the pose is going too.
Personally I’d check out the chest a bit more. For someone that skinny the chest seems a bit saggy on the outside. It seems like the origins of the chest muscle on the ribcage arent quite tight enough.
Also the seperation of the chest and deltoid needs some better explanation. It seems like that area is older than the rest of the figure. Feels like saggy skin instead of the tight muscle of the rest of the figure.

I think you’ve done well but his knees seem a bit strange to me. Maybe if you give them a bit of play. Bend them a bit because they look like they’re locked. Nice job with your sculpt. :smiley:

Thank you guys !

I’ll try to arrange all the things you said.

Here’s the head, it doesn’t really look as an indian but I’ll try to improve that.

Keep in mind this head is not finished and isn’t made to see in close-up.



Please keep in mind it’s only a quick test render (no texture, quick lighting and settings etc…)

Wow! Very impressive modeling !

Thank you yoshizoo :smiley:

-Amazing- work. I love the expression of the face in the test renders especially.