Hi , my name is Gustavo and I am a 3D artist from Panama. I have been using zbrush from a long time now but never feel confident to share my work on zbrush central so here we go ! This is a work from 2018. I sculpted this tortoise as part of a personal and on going project called “GREED´S LEFTOVERS” focusing on the impact of humans on nature.

Sculpted in Zbrush, rendered in keyshot and post done in photoshop


Nicely done @crosierart83 I have a desert tortoise in my backyard so I can see lots of similarities, great job :+1:

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Nice tortoise! Great job on the skin detail :+1:

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Great detailing, could be mistaken for a photograph. :moneybag:

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Thank you very much @Jaime. I see your tortoise in your profile, beautiful animal !!!

Thanks a lot dude @Spyndel

Thanks you so much !!! @Doug_Jones