MY PERSONAL WORK,During this study I experimented a lot with manual painted in zbrush ,texturing and rendering and got some unusual results. My favorite one is indian python texture with lots of color spots smiley
My greatest inspiration source during this project was my beloved indian python .More than intersiting in zbrush workflow manual work . Snake_Comp01Snake_Comp02 Gray%20Render01 Zdepth

Snake07 ] (upload://5VfVAKtgy5UBsfawS5mn00gN8rV.jpeg) Uploading: Spechular.tif…
002 post:1, topic:359276, full:true"]Snake08 (upload://AbrFxAlzte0IaJF9FKdlr9EyJKC.jpeg)


That’s a nice looking snake! Thanks for positing the breakdowns of your work, too.

Thank u so much…

Well done! Final result came out nice.

Pleasure! JAIME Thank you too so much:smile:

Very great work I like it !!

ThanK u Fabien

In order for the noise pattern to come out clearly, shouldn’t there be UV first? How did you work? Because I work with UV in Zbrush, there are some unnatural seams.