Incorrect textures after polypaint export

Hello everyone! I’m new here and I just registered here to ask this question.
I try to solve my problem for more than a week every day for several hours and i watched a dozen videos and read a bunch of threads (mainly on zbrushcentral).

So, here’s my case:

  1. Using photogrammetry I have made a 3d model of the cave bear. As usual in a complex photogrammetric model, there were many problems starting from the model itself and ending with the texture.
  2. I have exported single .obj model with texture to Zbrush and deleted some areas (masked and deleted) and sculpted another.
  3. I have created polypaint from texture and painted some areas
  4. Since I was going to export this model with textures I downgraded geometry subdivision level to 1, opened a UV master, toggled “work on clone” and unwrapped my model.
  5. After that I Have returned subdivision level to 4 and in “texture map” pressed “New from Polypaint”

After that I got a result that you could see below. Some textures have lost resolution and I can’t do nothing with it…
I will be grateful for any advice!

Hello, did you use something like “Zremesher” to lower the polys? I know Polypaint works as colour value on that polygon so if you went down to a very low poly # the paint will get a lot more blurry looking and not have the detail. Not sure if you did this from your steps, so sorry if you’ve already tried this. Using “Project History”, by CTRL clicking on the “history timeline” the detailed version of the object, you’ll know you did it right when there’s a little box within that notch.


Then Zremesh, subdiv to a good # of polys, then “History Project” the colour. Then you can go to lower Sub and do the UV work and make the texture from Polypaint.

Hope that helps!