Incorrect display of SVG content

Hello there,

I currently have a major problem with the import of SVG-Data into ZBrush:

As soon as composite paths are mixed with simple paths, ZBrush seems to fill the intersection of the SVG files.

Explanation to the Screenshot above and the failure it shows:
When I try to export a logo completely as svg I get an incorrect display. [top of Failure 1,2&3]

If I try to export single parts with the same export settings then it works. [bottom of Failure 1,2&3]

I have read other posts about this and tried the following:

  1. I tried adjusting the decimal places of the exports.

  2. I exported the paths as contours OR as faces.

  3. I edited the paths in Illustrator with different shape modes, so I either split the paths into intersections or transformed them individually.

  4. I tried to adjust and equalize the attributes of the individual elements.

All of the Software i was using for this is updated ( Illustrator and Zbrush 2022 )

Does any of you ZBrush professionals have a way to solve this issue for, or together with me?

I hope i sufficiently described the problem for you, as i am not a native speaker.

Kind regards and thanks in advance for your help!

I solved the issue myself!


If you come across the same problem I did, try inverting your paths directions.

So what seems to have been the issue in illustrator?

I’ve got no idea, BUT [sry for the german interface] image

It had nothing to do with closing contour lines or the way the SVG was created.

The simple inversion of the path direction ensures that objects from differently composed groups can also be exported correctly and finally entered into ZBrush.

If anybody of you has got an idea what has been hapening there, please feel free to enlighten me!