In Memory of Mike A Nash

Pixologic is saddened to learn of the passing of Mike Nash, a single luminary in digital art and game design. Beginning in 2006 as a Character Artist at Pandemic Studios, he later worked at THQ, Playground Games, Guerrilla Games and Nvidia.

Some of the projects he was most proud of were the robot concept work for 2015’s “Chappie,” Lead Key Mechanical Design for 2017’s “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and mechanical concepting for the upcoming “Warriors of Future” film.

He had a distinctive style that blended hard surface and organic work in surprising, yet fully believable ways. He was known for his exceptional attention to details. He was also very well known for his willingness to mentor other artists, such as through his YouTube channel.

Here on ZBC he was originally known as Kravit, then later created a new profile as MikeANash.

Did you know Mike? Please share your stories.






This hit me really hard today. So unexpected. I did not know Mike personally other than having exchanged comments on various forums. Clearly an exceptional artist whose talent was only exceeded by his generosity of spirit as he was always sharing his ideas and practice. I followed his work with awe and aspiration. Can’t wrap my head around this. My thoughts are with his loved ones.



oo man!!! very bad and sad newssss , he was great artist , gave me very bad feelings

Rest In Peace Mike :cry: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:.

Godspeed brother :cry:

:black_heart: RIP

Rest in Peace Mike.

Mike, your work is always the best!
I will always remember your work in my memory.
Rest in peace.

I may not know you but I have known your work…Mr.Mike Nash my respect to you Sir for all the artistic contribution to the community .Your work will always inspire artists across the globe…you will always be remembered Respect to you Sir and your family

Such a sad loss to the entire CG community.The guy was so talented .

I think it would be a good tribute to him to create a Mike Nash Hard Surface award for future ZBrush Summits .


I would say more: An Honorary Zbrush Award for Mike Nash from Pixologic goes really well. It’s the minimum for what Mike Nash did for the CG Industry and Community, specially when he was one of the first ones, if not the first one, that opened the door for the “3D Concept Artist using ZBrush” years ago…


Sad news.
Thank you Aurick for letting us know.

RIP Mike :frowning:

Was so sad to hear this… I loved his work.
Rest in peace Mike.

Amazing body of work, amazing career. RIP

I hope he’s in a better place now.

Was such a genuine dude. Always nice and willing to take time for others. RIP I wish you knew how much you have affected this community.

Rest in Peace Mike

Brillant artist and a reference for many years.
Sad to see him go…

He was inspiring and will be
Rest In Peace Dear Michael Andrew Nash