In Loving Memory - Axl

Hey everyone!

Just want to keep this short and sweet.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any artwork.
A lot has happened in the past year, but I’m back on the grind and ready to take on new challenges!

Let’s hop into it!
This was a personal project. A tribute to my aunt Cynthia’s dog, Axl who had passed away.

I used ZBrush for sculpting and polypainting for the texture work. Xgen for hair and Arnold for render within Maya.

I tried messing around with different lighting setups to get that natural feel, but then soon opted for a more dramatic studio light setup.

This project took a bit longer than expected due to college exams, but I’m happy with the results and really happy that I was able to capture Axl’s bubbly energy in this portrait.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy it!



Final render came out very nice, reminded me of TYFOSTER dogs studio photography :wink: Nicely done!

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Wow! Thank you so much! Really appreciate that!