Importing triangulated Models into ZCore and FBX support

hello there,

I want to know a few things about core, before I buy:

  • can I import triangulated models and then dynamesh or remesh them to quads, so i can work with them smoothly?
  • is there FBX support for import/export?
  • can ZTLs be imported?
  • does it work well with a Huion Inspiroy Dial Q620M Pen tablet?


Hello @Kayess

Yes :slight_smile:

Supported import formats for ZBrushCore can be found here. Only the full version of ZBrush supports FBX at the current time.

Only if they are first converted into one of the formats in the link above. Only project files saved with ZBrushCore and ZBrushCoreMini can be opened. ZBrushCore cannot open files created with ZBrush.

Re: Tablet. I can only tell you that ZBrush requires a tablet that supports the Wintab API. Recommended system specs for ZBrush can be found here.

Thank you!

great, thanks for your support!

It´s a bit unfortunate missing FBX support - but OBJ will do then.
Regarding the Tab: the Wintab API seems to be an old relic from the 16bit Windows area long long ago. normally, modern stuff uses WindowsInk…

But AFAIK Huion driver has an option to disable Ink - maybe that works.
I assume, Zbrush full has the same Tab-Tech as Core? If so, I will try with ZBrush Demo first and see, if pressure and tilt are working and if the Tab input gets registered precisely.

Good news is, importing triangulated stuff can be converted into quads according to your answer :slight_smile:

just to confirm:

the Huion Q620M Dial Tablet works perfectly with ZBrush and ZBrush Core :+1:t3:

… but my old Space Navigator (small version of the 3D Space Mouse) does not work with ZBrush Core (but works with MODO and blender)

Maybe there is no 3D mouse support for Core atm?