Import a background image for rendering

I was using this method from zbrush documentation to import a background image for rendering (picture 1), right after i did the first step, some black crossing lines showed up in my canvas( picture 2), and it will even appear in my final render. please help


Hi @Art_in_China Welcome to ZBrush Central.

If you rotate the view slightly, they should disappear.

Thanks for replaying, so I have changed the value of the longitude on light>background panel, the crossing lines do disappear, but after I did the step 10 on the first picture of my original post, they just come out again, even show up in the PBR render. I’m super confused! And then I tried to use a demo project from lightbox, and the whole process just goes as I wanted, I don’t know what’s wrong with my original project. Do you maybe know what could cause this kind of situation? Thanks very much.

Also, something really wierd. Useing eaxctly the same method, step by step. With the DemoHead.ZPR from lightbox, there will be these crossing lines in my viewport. But with the Male.ZPR also from lightbox, there won’t be any lines, works perectly. I can’t find any solutions to this on the internet. please help.