IMM Brush for Sale

Hi folks,

Just made a bunch of these curve brushes and put them into one IMM brush. Also made a short video on how to use them in your scenes.

You can get them here http://www.kermaco.com/shop/fofc-kit/






good luck

these look good but I’m not sure people would be willing to pay for them as there is already a bunch of this kind of ordnance style imm brushes out there for free. I think you should post the video on here so that people can see what they’re buying because from the images its hard to tell what the selling point is.

Thanks Jeh in!

Thanks LeoAMD! Where are the other free flexible ordnance chutes you mention? I looked for one for a project, and couldn’t find any, that’s why I made these ones.

It’s a great value for $10, and the video has some great tips on how to effectively align and use IMM brushes like the one in the kit. So far all the people who have purchased them are raving about how awesome they are. I am working on the Pro Kit next which has a video on how to make the FOFC brushes for folks who are interested in making their own variants.

I think that using this medium to promote the sale of your brushes is in poor taste, and outright disrespectful considering that SO MANY good folks are offering their brushes to the community for free. Not that selling your hard work isn’t OK… this is just the wrong place to do it.

I’m afraid i have to agree with the above comment, i understood this thread was for people to share the brushes they make, not sell them, the brushes look great but maybe the post needs to be moved to a more relavent thread by the moderator.

As some people have pointed out, the IMM Repository thread is for sharing IMM brushes. It is not for selling them.

I have split the relevant posts, moving them to the Community forum instead.

Even that is pushing things. ZBC is not intended to be a marketplace.

Hey Aurick, Apologies, I didn’t realize the IMM repository was for sharing IMM brushes, I thought it was the place forum members went to find a brush they need. Thanks for splitting off the thread.

Apologies also to all the folks who didn’t think it was appropriate to post this in the prior thread. I’ll try to make some time to create and share a couple of bushes for free on the prior thread to make up for it.

Happy ZBrushing!