Image Plane 3 - plugin upgrade

Image from www.3d.sk

Image Plane 3 provides an easy way to load images into ZBrush for use in texturing, either using ZProject brush polypainting, or with Projection Master as in the Texturing with Photo Reference tutorial .

  • For ZProject polypainting, quickly change the background Image without leaving Edit mode.

  • For Projection Master texturing, Image is automatically wrapped onto your model.


The zip contains:
ImagePlane_readme.txt - the readme file
ImagePlane3.zsc - the plugin file

Unzip the zip file and place the ImagePlane3.zsc in your ZBrush 3 …ZStartup\ZPlugs folder.
Restart ZBrush. You should now have an Image Plane subpalette in the Texture palette, with a LoadImage button, ImgSize, Shift H, Shift V and Model Opacity sliders. Shift-click the LoadImage button for help.


Click the [color=Orange]LoadImage button to create an image plane. If a texture is selected that image will be used, otherwise you will be asked to choose an image file.

If a model is in Edit/Transform mode then the plane will be placed behind the model (for example, for ZProject brush polypainting). If Projection Master is in use, the plane will be wrapped onto the model and adjustments can be made using Edit Move mode or the gyro.

Use the ImgSize slider to adjust the size of the image as a percentage of document size. For polypainting with the ZProject brush the slider value should be changed before loading an image.

The Shift H and Shift V sliders adjust a background Image when a model is in Edit mode. They have no effect in Projection Master.

The Model Opacity slider is for adjusting the opacity of a model against a background Image used as reference for sculpting. It can be used with subtools. Simply adjust to the desired level. The Fast Shader material works well with model opacity.

The RePos button will store a model’s position for recall later. Shift+click the button to store, click to recall the position.

EDIT: Now updated for ZBrush 3.1

I hope you find Image Plane 3 useful.



Hi Marcus
Thanks a lot

Thank you Marcus, your plugins and scripts are always top notch and improving the workflow in Zbrush to a whole new level.

I had to disregard pixologics warning about installing Z2 plugins, because im so used to your plugins that i rather live with the hickups than working without them:)

yes thaank you Marcus love your plugins:+1:

Wow, that’s very useful! Thanks many times for all those great plugins Marcus!

Thanks guys, your comments are much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’ve just posted a small update so that the plugin now includes a Model Opacity slider. This adjusts the opacity of a model while sculpting against a background image and makes a quick-and-easy sculpting with photo reference method. Select the Fast Shader for best results. It can be used with subtools.


Thanks Marcus

So when did you say they are going to hire you? (he he.) You seriously rock dude! Someone should make you a ZBrush medal of honor or something like that.

You inspire me with your passion to make everyone’s life easier.

Great work bud!

NickZ. :slight_smile:

I was just about to ask about opacity, and lo’, there it is already! Great stuff!

Wow, this is so good it’s scary. Big thanks! :smiley:

One small request- sliders to adjust the placement of the background image plane. If an object is in edit mode and the image is changed, there’s no way to shift its placement on the canvas (unlike if it’s changed without a model on the canvas).


Thanx Marcus! This will come in handy one day :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Now updated with sliders for shifting background image horizontally and vertically when a model is in Edit mode. :slight_smile:

That’s it for now, folks. :wink:

WOW - thought I was going nuts for a mintue there. I saw this post at work this morning and the attachment was there. And now I am home and was wanting to grab this, but it wasn’t there. I thought I was going crazy - I was mousing over everything trying to find a link or whatever. Then I hit refresh and your updated version was there LOL Thank you for your time and effort on this - oh, and thank you for sharing!!!

Later - Mike

Yay, thanks again Marcus :slight_smile:

fabulous work, marcus!

Many thanks for updating this powerful script!
You just plugged another hole in the pipeline. :wink:


Thanks Marcus.
No more going back to 2 now!
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Well done, Marcus :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
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Marcus you have been on a role from beta testing to now! Your talents and pasion to help are worth aspiring to. Or paying for… :wink:

Excellent Marcus!! Am gonna love being able to switch out textures.

Note to nuts: time to make a new Zbrush 3 fav plugs link
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