I'm cap'n Jack Sparrow mate...Savvy!

No, Im not modeling Jack Sparrow specifically but rather attempting to recreate Johnny Depp’s face.

Created the base mesh in 3D Studio Max this morning and greatly modified the overall shape and proportions using Z-Brush.

The reason I dont have a profile render is because in my opinion the side of the face still needs a lot of work…I couldnt find any profile shots of the actor on Google so if anyone can post a link or pic here or even mail a nice profile shot of Johnny it would be really helpful, otherwise I dont know how I’ll be able to finish this project.

Any crits welcome, and possibly required. :wink:

Test Render 1.jpg

Will start the detailing process tomorrow.

It does already bare a resemblance! Those ears look so tiny though, maybe it’s the view angle?

A very good start, the lower half is well done.

I agree about the ears… it could be the angle of view, but it looks like they are too high and too small. (think middle of pupil to bottom of nose)

Thank you for the comments guys

The ears are a bit small, I agree. I’ll get right on it…

Still looking for a photo of him in profile though…<sigh> Can’t the paparazzi even take good photos nowadays.:smiley:

Small update: Several fixes and very basic skin shader with small facial details…still a long way to go. For some reason I just cant get him to look like Johnny Depp from any other angle but the front. I might concider using the mesh to model a completely different character.


Maybe theses will help - it’s all I could find.
Keep going though, you’ll get there.


depp 3.JPG


Thank you jit_gohil, I’m sure those will help. I hope I will manage to capture his likeness in the end.