Illidan Stormrage

This Project was a New Challenge for me, since there are many Illidan interpretations by many artists and Illidan is one of my favorite Characters in Blizzard Games.
Process here:
I done all the process, gather many references, concept sculpting, define the base mesh, get the high poly mesh, the uvs, the baking, set the ID maps for Substance Painting, made some tweaks in Photoshop.
Then I tested the model in VRay’s Maya, I got good results, but I decided to made some adjustments in the sculpt, then I got a better shape.
For faster results I send the project to MarmosetToolbag3, and I liked so many that a made the decision to made the final render there.
I really love the Warcraft’s Lore e I always pushing my limits, my Dream is to work in a Great Studio, like Blizzard’s.
I will try to show all the process here, I hope one day I get a invitation to work on a Game Studio, or at least a Freelancer.
I always studying to be the best, it’s a long way for this!
Hope you like!

This is the Final image:

And this is the Sculpt in Zbrush