IHazToys Swimsuit Succubus

Long time no see guys! <3

We’re super stoked to share the work we’ve done so far with our recent collectible, Swimsuit Succubus! This has been a long time coming, but finally she’s complete.

The figure was sculpted entirely in Zbrush and rendered using Keyshot. We’re looking to make her straps possibly out of wire or bendy printable material. We’re excited as we will be trying new techniques with this figurine!

We’re stoked to get her painted figure in our hands and update you all with some photos!

She will be 1/6 scale and stand at 11inches tall from base to head.

Originally designed by Jason ‘doghateburger’ Chng based off of swimsuit model Swimsuit Succubus.

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She’s all what IHazToys is about :smiley: Great shapes, great job.

Told you before, great job!
The only parts I wasn’t sure about were the really tight straps on the legs but seeing the final piece i can say that they really help to sell the succubus theme.
Would love to see it in the Top Row

The body looks amazing, but i really like the face :slight_smile: nice,cute look :wink:
And You made superb work with the paint :slight_smile:

Thank you guys very much!!! I’m always so nervous about posting here haha, so it really means a lot. Thank you for the positive feedback <3

Amazing as usual Layna!! Soooo sexy! :slight_smile: