Ignis Sacer (update 4 Feb)

It’s been a long row to hoe, but this is my entry for Expose 2.

It started out as a WIP with no set destination and gradually took me over.

Now I just have to hope my 56K modem is up to the upload; I’ll kick it in the guts and finally have a wash and get some sleep.

If you haven’t seen the zscript in my WIP thread then take a look-see (Polymesh_Masking_Editing_Notes.zip); it might open new avenues of modelling for someone.


Modelling: ZB
Textures: ZB
Render: ZB
Post: ZB and PS

Edit: reworked clouds

If I am fast enough to type this, I consider it an honor to be the first in a long line of congratulations.
Worth all the hard work and effort.

wow! bonecradle this is awesome! i especially like the wooden handle on the pitchfork thing. how did you do the wheat? it is a very nice effect! and the character is also top notch! hope you get in expose! absolutely amazing piece!


What an outstanding work–truly wonderful image in every way !! KUDOS :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Very nice indeed! Certainly worthy of serious consideration by the Expose folks.
Good Luck!

Great modeling and composition… I really like the wheat in the foreground, gives the pic a lot of depth… I see he’s sportin’ a farmers tan too :)… Good luck with your entry.

Yep, a truly excellent work. The extra notes are also appreciated!

great job! good luck with expose!

Absolutely stunning. Every part of the scene deserves the highest praise.

Hi bone
For those who don’t know latin language :rolleyes:
“ignis sacer” is meaning “holy fire”
And you have it with Zbrush :cool:
Excelent revival of the flamish style :cool:

excellent image! settings and character, really excellent!!!

wow!!! BN I love that pic really deep scenery !!

:+1: :+1: :+1:

Holy Cow! Amazing stuff here, thank you for that script it’s exellent for noob’s like me!

very impressive work the contrast between the dark sky and the character in the land
is excellent i like the modeling session to :+1: :+1:

Well done, I understand what ya mean, after working long hours on something. You must have beenso excited to have finished it, and done such a great job too.


absolutely brilliant. great sense of depth which I always find difficult to achieve. The modeling and texturing is excellent.
Only the middle cloud still looks a bit weird
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Bonecradle,

I love your work and value your lessons but I am disappointed with this final result. At first I couldn’t figure out what wasn’t quite working, the wheat looks great in and out of focus, the pitch fork is very well done, the character superb.

The sky, perhaps the clouds on the right side should lead to the character more (a modified V shape). The main interest should be in his face area. You have split the interest between his upper back arm, the pitch fork and the face. The light should be cut down on the upper back arm, just hold up your fingers to obstruct the view of the back arm and your picture instantly improves. That bright patch of sky behind the pitch fork places way too much emphasis on the fork tines. My eyes go from the cloud on the left to the back arm through the shroud up the other arm up the pitch fork and out of the picture. You could also have less light on both ends of the wheat really centralizing the interest on the character.

I say this as an admirer and I think that some of these changes might make a great picture even stronger.

Amazing!!! Please, tell us how you did it!!! Especially the wheat! :slight_smile: Fantastic image, hope to see it in Exposé 2!!!

BC, This is astounding, and I can feel his backache!!!

I was wondering why his back was aching, now I see why. HARD WORK !!!

I feels it in my bones that you are going to be put in Expose !!

Good luck, and congratulations, I know you speak the truth when you said you really were just creating this piece for fun (know from a PM we had about folding clothing), and you have outdone yourself in very good ways, and finally it will pay off, and I just feels it in my bones (as he is also feeling it in his bones) that your work will make it into Expose!!! :slight_smile:

I love it ALL.


Great :wink:
Good luck for expose’2(me too have sended some image)