If my 3D model has high polygon count, how do I remesh my 3D model?

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In low to mid polygon count I can use Dynamesh to rebuild/remash the 3D object.

Is there tool in Zbrush that does what Dynamesh does but for high polygon count?

Currently, I have a high polygon count 3D model in Zbrush.

If I try to do a Dynamesh on this model, it will start to lose fine details.

How do I remash my high polygon count model so that it preserve all the high details?

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The primary way is to start with a low poly mesh and project the details of your high poly model. Then subdivide and project again. Keep going until you have subdivided to a level where you’ve captured your detail. There are several projection methods but the newest and easiest is History Projection. Look it up on AskZbrush or Michael Pavlovich’s YT channel Project History

You can get you’re starting low poly mesh in a number of ways. For example ZRemesh and keep reducing until you have a nice quad, low poly model that captures the basic form. Or you could start with a simple quad model made from a primitive and ZModeller.

Note that maximum polycount for a single subtool is 100M polys and each successive subdivision increases polycount by four. So if you really want/need to max the polycount then think about the size of your starting mesh. 1500 polys will get you to 98M polys at subdiv level 9. But you should consider whether you actually need this many.

Hve fun.

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I would just like add a couple details to tobor8man’s excellent post. :slight_smile:

I will just link the classic detail projection methods here because it’s useful to understand the core process that all of these are based on.

Decimation Master is excellent for crunching the raw polygon count of a model down while still preserving detail to make it manageable in external applications, or even to reduce an ultra dense mesh so that ZRemesher can work well with it. It is ideal when exporting a model for print, but produces topology that will be unsuitable for many other processes associated with digital render. In those cases, you would want to use ZRemesher or manually re-topologize your mesh.

Thank you very very much all for all the information.

I got it done like how you advised

by duplicating and then dividing and then projecting

Thank you very very much once again

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