Idol ( vahid ahmadi sketchbook! )

Hello guys ,Idol is completely modeled and rendered only using zbrush and rendered in zbrush using bpr render and final composition and touches
with photoshop. concept is by jungmin jin known as dospi.

i used topolgy brush, zsphere topology ,zsphere armature and zmodeler for making armor , shoes , tools ,hair,etc… and all the stuff is done completly in zbrush
I also added some short tips and video tutorial about idol and i hope you enjoy it
higher quality pictures and tutorilas in here:



0b Idol-vahid ahmadi zbrush work.jpg

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wow! fantastic as always. this is freaking awesome. Thanks for the breakdown.

Wooooooooooow very nice work. expressive face. looks like it can get very friendly looking, and everything in between. nice texturing. Love it. It is wonderful 0-o

thanks alot dear freind

Lovely work as usual, and this will more than likely be top real. But could you further explain the Photoshop composition workflow thanks:-)

thanks dear amirrr

thanks alot @Bluudev and thats very kind of you my freind ,i try to add photoshop short tutorial about that , but key thing is do and examine all the stuff before rendering and inside of zbrush because photoshop in this case is only for tweaking and composing different passes

i added some tips in zbrush and photoshop

Thanks for sharing your great techniques. I will try some of these with my future projects. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Another fabulous design - rich with swooshing flow and movement and brought together with a creative artistic render.
A classic soft airbrush pin-up quality to the renders:+1:

thansk guysss

thank you so much my freind for kind wordssss

my pleasure my dear freind i hope it helps