Idea for Zscript/plugin


I am creating a set of tutorials using Zscripts.

I would like for the Tutorials to be as effective as possible, so that the new user/ student will be able to absorb the technique more by letting the user follow the steps at the same time as the Zscript is in a pause mode.

While the Zscript tutorial is running, I would like to have small pause points where the user can try out the technique, and then be able to press either a Resume Zscript button, or a Replay last segment button.


I make a tutorial about modeling a lizzard with Zspheres.

In the beginning of the tutorial I model The torso, and begin makeing the limbs.Then the Zscript says “Now , you try”, pauses, Locks the tool’s and textures that the Zscript is useing, and lets the user make his own Zsphere torso and the begin the limbs with his own Zspheres to mimic what the script is doing…

User cannot modify the locked tools or textures, so when the user presses the resume button, the Zscript can resume creating the lizzard without starting over…

Perhaps have the Zscript, clone the locked tool , so that the user can jump in at any point to try the method on the example model. this would make so that the user can skip parts that they already know how to do and focus on the points of the tutorial that they want to learn.

It would be nice if it Purged old Ztools, and textures from the early steps in the tutorial to save memory.


I have been going through the Zbrush 2 Help Zscripts, form the Help manual on one computer, and then when the Zscript pauses for a Naration, I mimic what was just done on my second system…

It has helped me absorb, and learn what is in the Zscript tutorial alot better, and at a Much faster pace…

when I only had one computer, I would have to stop the Zscript, grab the tool that the script was useing, and Undo it a few times. Then I would try to do it myself to see If I could get the same results…
Then I would have to restart the tutorial, and go through the tutrial to get back to the point where I stopped it before.

Dose anyone have a method of doing this with a Zscript?
Or could someone please make a “Mimic tutorial/Pause Zscript” Plugin? :slight_smile:

TIA :*


The tutorials I am makeing are all non-profit, and will be posted here on ZBC, or on my Personel NON-comercial , NON-advertisement, website. (Only if they are too big to upload to ZBC).

Sometime in the forum appear people with good soul…you are one of these…thank you for your posts.
I think you must split the script in more chunks…each script must end saving all the parameters (brush type, brush size, alpha, etc.) and the next script must start loading the saved parameters. It’s only an idea…maybe someone can show other methods.
Now, I have no time to write script…:frowning:



Oh Wow, Wow.

If it weren’t for modlers like you all, us novice’s wouldn’t stand a chance to make sense of all of this. I am not very talanted and without scripts that SHOW how to do I wouldn’t be able to model anything. I am an ole lady who enjoys ZBrush as a past time, keeps the mind active. I want to thank you in advance for all the wonderful things I have tried to learn, its through your kindness and generosity that the not so expierenced modelers can enjoy ZBrush. Again over and over thanks.:slight_smile:

Thankyou Cameyo!
I did not know that Zscript could retain and save data… :slight_smile: My tutorials are just about to get 200# better :slight_smile:

Thankyou verry much for your comments,
I used to post alot more Tutorials here on ZBC, but then I found out that there was a person cutting and pasteing direct quotes from me and putting them into Professional tutorials and then chargeing people for them.
It wouldent be soo bad, but the guy Misquotes me all the time, and some of the tutorials make abosoloutly no sense at all. As soon as I get some more money I am going to hire a lawyer (or a hitman, LOL, Just jokeing) to get my information removed from the pay-per-view internet magazine.

well to make a long story short, for now on all my tutorials are going to be in the form of a anotated Zscript, with a HUGE EULA agreement people are going to have to click on to make the tutorial run.

It really Hurts me to know that someone would do that to me…
It bothers me that My information was mis-used, without my permission, and it is causeing new people who purchace that magazine to be misinformed and ripped off.

I feel very voilated

Anyways sorry for the Novel LOL!!

I like the Idea Of Zscript better anyway. thanks to Cameyo I may be able to make the Zscripts very user friendly. And even More Newbies can be helped from them :slight_smile:

Everybody is New once, and when I help out a New person the excitement and energy that the person emiits after sucessfully learning something charges my energy so that I feel New and full of energy, and fascination Just like when I was New to Zbrush.

Helping out new people Is my own little fountain of youth, the New people bring the energy, I bring the Knowlage, and we all have a good FREE time :slight_smile:

Plus if it was not for people donateing a little bit of their time, I would still be new also.

I look at a forum like a Penny dish at a store, by the cash register. If you dont have a penny or two you are welcome to take it from the dish… if you have an extra penny or two you can add to the dish.
I seem to be getting alot of good KARMA from keeping the pennydish full :slight_smile:

I get Job offers all the time from this and other forums I frequent. Most of the time my Employers have used a tip or technique of mine… so Right off the bat, they are my friends :slight_smile:
I love getting Job offers that start with "Thankyou :slight_smile: ".
Clients see that I have Good energy, before they ever meet me, or see my portfolio. This seems to be the fastest way to gain somebodys trust :slight_smile:

well anyways, when I get the rest of My Auto-Biography finnished i will send everybody a Personel Message.LoL!

Have a good day everybody , I am going to go and look at the things that Cameyo described :slight_smile:

Thank you again , Cameyo :):+1:

if some one could inlarge the Movie viewer a tad larger
then that would be your best bet.

the person can pause at any time
the tools and texures wouldn’t need to be locked.

Someone called for a hitman ? … :lol: