Ibai, the new Spanish king

Tribute to Ibai Llanos, recently awarded Streamer of the year 2020.
I have portrayed him as a king and all kings must have a portrait. This project consists of a video and 3D realistic portraits that highlight him as a new “king” featuring icons from the Spanish childhood such as Cola-cao (chocolate drink for kids’ breakfast), the Dracula ice cream and a cool Californian 90s vibes and even portraying him with sense of humor as the kingpin of Marbella Vice. This recreation was sculpted manually, no scans were used. This likeness was a hard one! Let me know if you have any questions and what you think. Ibai king of spain youtube video // animation

4luis-yrisarry-labadia-ibai3danim2-king-black 6luis-yrisarry-labadia-ibai-visual03lowcloseup 13luis-yrisarry-labadia-ibaiextra17 19luis-yrisarry-labadia-ibai-visual11low