I need help with sculptris

Hi everyone I am really new to sculptris. I am having a lot of problems loading ,obj’s. Here are some of the things that pop up and I am very confused as some obj’s load right away but others well I will put them out there in the hopes you can answer these questions. My friend says this is the greatest forum on earth, so here goes.

  1. Two many triangles connected to an edge (Max 2)

  2. T00 many connections to a Vertex (Max 24)

  3. Can’t Import faces with more than 4 corners

  4. When trying to import some it will cause the screen to turn a ghost white color and not do anything.

My friend gave a couple of .obj to me to play around with but 95% of the time I get all these messages that pop up and then I can’t load them into sculptris.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong, and why I get all these messages.

I don’t know why only a few will load and the others will not.

So before I pull the rest of my hair out, I will bring it to the experts here at the forum. Thank you all so very much in advance for any kind of help you can give to me.


Certainly not an expert here, but I’ll still try to answer the questions if I can…lol.

For the most part, you aren’t doing anything wrong. The problem is the models that you are trying to import, how they were made, and what Sculptris is able to currently work with.

  1. Too many triangles connected to an edge (Max 2)

This pretty much is exactly what it states. When you look at the mesh of the model, each of the lines is an “edge”. Where each of the lines comes together is a “vertex”. So, each of those edges would have a vertex at each end. When that model was made, more than 2 triangles were connected to an edge at some point which no longer creates a single surface.

  1. Too many connections to a vertex (Max 24)

This usually is going to be as a result of a pie cut for end caps on a cylinder.

There’s an image that justadeletedguy used to illustrate the point. Here’s a link to that thread:

  1. Can’t import faces with more than 4 corners

Under most circumstances, while box modeling, the majority of polygons on a model are going to be triangles or squares. A triangle would have 3 corners (vertexes) and a square would have 4. It would seem that the model that isn’t able to be imported has a polygon that is above that number somewhere. If you were to bring it into Blender, or another program, you can connect 2 or more of those vertexes to turn them into triangles and squares.

  1. When trying to import some it will cause the screen to turn a ghost white color and not do anything.

I’ve only seen this myself a coupe of times. It could be that the model is just too big and either Sculptris is taking a lot of time to import it or something went completely wrong and it’s just going to crash. There could be other things wrong with how those models were either made, or exported, that Sculptris never even knew about when it was created that could be causing completely unknown errors to occur. No real way to know for sure on that one.