I have no menu and cannot open brush window

I do not have a tab or any indication on how to open the brush window and change brushes. anybody kno?

Hi @Richie_Bricker and Welcome to ZBC.
so I get it right, you are using ZBrush Core Mini, and you don’t find the popup menu to switch from a brush to another.
SO now I am right, it simply because ZbrushCore Mini is a limited version and don’t has the same feature as ZBrush Core and ZBrush Full version.
So with ZBrush Core mini you have different predefined UI, and you switch from a brush to another brush, there is no popup brush panel like that in ZBrush Core mini.
Also you can’t use Custom brushes that you can download on ZBC, gumroad, artstation etc… but just the ones that are provided by default.

Hope it helps!