I have been doing a nintendo characters project for fun recently.

[Geno - mario rpg](https://sketchfab.com/models/9d175bd45be2417b8aa2fb7ac901b9c9?utm_medium=embed&utm_source=website&utm_campaign=share-popup) by [LizzyKoopa](https://sketchfab.com/omochalaroo?utm_medium=embed&utm_source=website&utm_campaign=share-popup) on [Sketchfab](https://sketchfab.com?utm_medium=embed&utm_source=website&utm_campaign=share-popup)

geno preview good.jpg

So this “Genoette” is one of my most recent models i created, i have been doing constant torso practice for humans recently and i thought this one turned out well for this project.

Also who dosent love some “Geno” in their life since the poor doll never gets anything from nintendo lol.

[Goombella](https://sketchfab.com/models/503717cd1d504d95b6e9cd2172317439?utm_medium=embed&utm_source=website&utm_campaign=share-popup) by [LizzyKoopa](https://sketchfab.com/omochalaroo?utm_medium=embed&utm_source=website&utm_campaign=share-popup) on [Sketchfab](https://sketchfab.com?utm_medium=embed&utm_source=website&utm_campaign=share-popup)

goombella 2.jpg
Before Geno i has also worked on this version of “Goombella” The torso i used for geno was a bit from this project.
I really fell in love with the current trend of people working on things like “nintendo” gender bender since “Bowsette” smack the internet as of late, but i like to go after characters not typically looked at enough from the fandom.

[Princess daisy Koopa bowsers forgotton daughter](https://sketchfab.com/models/f53e550124c04504b069dd8c4fd7b738?utm_medium=embed&utm_source=website&utm_campaign=share-popup) by [LizzyKoopa](https://sketchfab.com/omochalaroo?utm_medium=embed&utm_source=website&utm_campaign=share-popup) on [Sketchfab](https://sketchfab.com?utm_medium=embed&utm_source=website&utm_campaign=share-popup)

pogchamps 112.png even made a “PogChamp” Emote out of her

the one that started this whole “Nintendo characters” ordeal for me in modeling was “Miss Daisy Koopa”
if bowser had her as a daughter and in his likeness.

We tend to forget there are more than just one princess out there, what if bowser had gotten ahold of daisy instead of peach and so fourth?

But yeah i hope you enjoy these pieces ^w^


geno preview good.jpg

goombella 2.jpg