I don’t know what I pressed to get this to happen

I am following a tutorial and the author’s Stroke palette shows the Curve tool - mine doesn’t. I clicked on all sorts of buttons etc. so when it did show up - I didn’t know why. So what are the steps to bring up the Curve tool so I can draw a line and mask everything on one side of the line?

Now how do I make the curve tool go away so I can use a rectangle to mask off a section?

Even though I selected the Rectangle, every time I pressed the Command key, the Curve tool appeared - I couldn’t make it go away. Likewise another time I had the curve tool selected and every time I pressed the command key the FreeHand tool appeared. So I couldn’t draw my needed mask.I am confused.

Please help.

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CTRL = curved mask tool
CTRL + Shift = Mask selection tool or switch to Clip curved tool

I Initialized ZBrush, added a sphere, changed it to a polymesh and held down the CTRL key and dragged - I get the rectangle masking tool. No Curve mask tool. Likewise if I hold down both the Ctrl and the Shift I get the green rectangle that makes everything go away but what was under the green rectangle.

Thanks for replying, but I am still confused.

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Do yourself a massive favour and learn the basics with Michael Pavlovich Intro to Zbrush.

btw - Ctrl gives you the masking brush but you need to change the Stroke type to curve while holdin down the Ctrl key. Anyway watch PavMike and all will be revealed quickly.

So… I’m well aware that I’m responding to a post from 6 days ago.

This makes me wonder which version of ZBrush you used because 2021.7 (which provides curves) only got out a few days ago (at the time of writing) making me wonder what curves you were looking for?

However… it could be that I’m now overlooking something here :wink:

Anyway, this is why I dislike tutorials from 3rd parties and instead always keep the official documentation at hand. This should explain what you were looking for: