I appended an eye and now I can't draw on the face

I made an eye, masked it, unmasked it and then switched to the face on the subtool menu after moving the eye. I’m drawing on the face with all my brushes but I can’t get anything to sculpt. I know I unmasked by pressing ctrl outside on the canvas on both subtool layers. What am I doing wrong?

Can you post a screen shot?

I can’t say that this is your issue, but merely ctrl-clicking in empty canvas space does not clear a mask, it inverts it. To clear a mask you must Ctrl-drag in empty canvas space as you would when you begin to draw a rectangular masking marquee, then release. Or simply go to the Masking palette and press the “clear” button to make absolutely certain you have no masking.

Other possibilities:

  1. The active subtool is not what you think it is. Enable Solo mode (right edge of the default viewport or in the Transform palette) to make all inactive subtools invisible so you can be sure of what you have selected.

  2. If you’ve at any point left Edit mode and re-drawn a tool on the canvas, if you re-draw that tool when the ZIntensity was less than 100 you will be unable to sculpt on the tool even though you can rotate and navigate with it as usual. You would need to again leave Edit mode, clear the canvas, then re-draw the Tool at 100% ZIntensity.

  3. You have a marked History State, which can affect the influence of some brushes. If you see any solid white or red blips on the Undo History bar, you have a marked state. Ctrl-click once anywhere on the bar to mark a new state, then Ctrl click again to clear it.

Otherwise you would need to document the problem in greater detail with uncropped screenshots of the entire UI.

Thank you!