Hi Guys

I am looking for anyone who is selling their zbrush liscence. I would buy a licence on pixologic’s website but I cannot afford the prices they charge

any help would be much appreciated!




Unfortunately, this will no longer be possible. Pixologic’s policies have changed and we do not allow license transfers any longer. There was simply too much fraud and abuse taking place. You may view the new policy here: https://support.pixologic.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/60/20/license-transfers

We do have a 45 day free trial. Additionally, some of the official retailers do occasionally sell ZBrush for less than the MSRP. You can find the retailers here: http://pixologic.com/retailers/


How about instead of battering honest customers you try and find a way that does work. I’m stuck with a license I no longer use. Also It would have been nice to actually be informed that this was changing as I would have sold it before now. Was just keeping my options open. Now it seems I no longer have any option…

Also how come you managed to post that change in 2011. “Posted by Matthew Yetter on 18 April 2011 10:34 AM” :slight_smile:

Days later >
So some customers don’t qualify for replies I see. :slight_smile: Even if the reply was, we couldn’t be bothered telling our customers we were going to change the rules on them, would be rude but at least a reply.

Then again, not any more rude than actually changing the rules without bothering to tell us. :wink:

(Thought I better add that I’m not really that bothered. It would have been nice to still have the option to sell it on but well that’s how it goes sometimes. Edited: Just in case it seems I am really angry or whatever about this. :slight_smile: :wink: )