Hyperion (Fan-Art)

This is Hyperion, this sculpture was fully sculpted in Zbrush inspired in the old school character from the comic book art.

Thank you very much Busshicolector for the art direction

Hope you like it



great work! i like it.

Amazing job. I love the pose and proportions!

Thank you very much for the comment guys, I really appreciate. keep in touch for more images about this piece!!

Hello Everybody some new pictures in other angles and lights of Hyperion!!! I hope you like it!!

Some render images in gray directly from Zbrush!!

Well done MIGUELCG3D :star_struck:

Looks great!

Thank you very much!!! Jaime, I really appreciate It makes me feel proud of my work and thanks a lot for this amazing tool!!! into Zbrush any dream is possible.

Some Zoom in images!!! to appreciate details!! thank you very much for following my work!!

Thanks for sharing the ZBrush sculpt @MiguelCG3D
looks great!


The powerful, out of space, atomic guy, etc… was printed!!! looks terrific, amazing piece, I hope everybody likes


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