HUMPI Sculptures (Vijayanagara Empire)

Hi all,
Here is my recent personal works i would like to share with awesome forum,the wonderful references base is humpi sculptures,Hampi in the southern Indian state of Karnataka is a small heritage town with a magnificent past for it holds the ruins of the fabulous Vijayanagar Empire(1336), one of India’s most powerful Hindu empires.
There are many incredible stone sculptures and temples, There are wonderful references of Vittalatemple that inspired me to sculpt STONE CHARIOT and Narasinha statue.
Software used max,Z4r2.The images below are rendered with the new BPR renders(Backgroud created Panorama of humpi) with little Photoshop comp.I hope you guys like it, and comments are more than welcome.Thank you for viewing.

Specially Big thanks to Zbrush team, outstanding features of this new release!,new features of Zbrush was really awesome,Dynamesh is just incredible, feels like Creat create just create. i really love Dynamesh.






Here is the STONE CHARIOT closeup render images.

Really amazing stuff…:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:


Looks like huge amount of work! Looking great as well!

SolidSnakexxx Looks like huge amount of work! Looking great as well!

Thanks: yes it is …!

Great work.the amount of details on the models are amazing!

Keep it up bro…Lots of hard work here.5 stars from me.:+1:

Thank you : Samar vijay
Thank you : ashishparashar05

crazy details man! good job!!

detail work is really very beautiful.will done…

Thank you: spm151083
Thank you: AndreaTheSigner

Thanks :sadaram3d

Super cool work, Nice details !!!

Awesome work man… it will be great to see this stuff in some game :slight_smile:

Thanks Palkritwarp: Yes i agree with you , now am working on low poly model of this chariot.This temple can be used in Third Person Shooter games where you can see large portion of level in high detail. That background you can see in the references.This is one piece in that layout. am creating total environment of Vittala temple.

Really Impressive…! Very very good details and finishing on each and very part. Amazing stuff…Great job dear…keep it up…:+1:

Nice details. Looks great:+1:

amazing amount of work and great quality !
really inspiring to see such a cool work.

fabianloing; Thankyou , and your work is out standing…!
thanks for your valuable replays…