Hulk // batman

My entry to this years competition was Hulk and Batman combined.

Pretty much all modelling was done inside Zbrush and rendering, It’s just such an easy program to use when you get into it and there’s so many new things to learn or new ways of doing stuff which always makes any project fun and exciting.

My final rendered entry I feel still needs a little work , due to time constraints I was unable to do proper post comp work but I am continuing to work on it now and am hoping to post up a much more dramatic render soon.

Here’s images of my w.i.p including the final entry I submitted…


Can’t delete this post…:confused:

Can’t delete this post…:confused:

W.I.P’S from the entry…


I worked on the torso and back muscles quite a bit at the start only to have it covered by armour, something to take with me into future workflows, don’t waste time on details people will not see…


One of the first close up renders